Why Australia paper writing is difficult for abroad students

Australia is one of the best education hosts for abroad students. The country is known for higher education in medical, management, and IT study. Around 30000+ students land to the Australia for higher studies. But, study is not an easy task in the Australia. Similarly, academic tasks like lab work, essay writing, presentations, and dissertations are also quite difficult tasks for abroad students.

Many new students face professor’s anger and poor grades in the starting. There are a lot reasons responsible behind it.

Here are the reasons that make Assignment paper writing a difficult task: -

Excessive use of social media and mobile applications

Students use social media and mobile applications for communication with friends and family members. They use short words during communication. This activity soon becomes habit among students. They perform the same mistake while writing academic papers. It leads to poor grading.

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British and American English mixture

We all know, British and American English both are different in terms of grammar, spelling, and pronunciation. Students use search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Safari for research. They find and collect information from the internet for writing academic papers. Most of the website uses American English than British English. Australian English has its influence from British English. Students perform the same mistake and give place to American English literature instead of British English.

This kind of activity works against them and they fail to meet the expectations of professors.

Plagiarism content

Plagiarism is a serious act that is not allowed in academics. Universities ask students to write fresh and content always. Students do research and collect data. They present author’s quote, evidences etc in the document but fail to cite it. This is considered as a plagiarism.

All these above 3 reasons are affecting the academic grades of both abroad and local students in the Australia. Instead of losing good grades take online essay help and get rid of stress, late submission, and plagiarism.